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The following video tutorials are produced by Window Cleaning Resources and are available in PAL and NTSC.
Each video is available for
19.99 plus 1.50 p&p.

Advanced Window Cleaning Skills - Ladderless window cleaning using traditional methods

Window Cleaning Skills.

The most comprehensive guide to traditional window cleaning methods available.

  • Increase your efficiency
  • Increase your earnings
  • Learn new techniques
  • Hone your skills
  • Train your employees

Advanced Window Cleaning Skills DVD
Vol.1 Ladderless window cleaning using traditional methods.

This new educational training aid is proving to be a hit with window cleaners around the world.



“I think your DVD is brilliant. I've only been in this business 15 months. I found high work indoors very difficult, but since I purchased your DVD I'm now looking forward to high pole work indoors. It's amazing how much I learned from your DVD and I'm still referring back to it.” Tom Murphy - Limerick, Ireland

“There is a lot of useful stuff in there even for a hardened professional.” - Karl Robinson - Mallorca, Spain

“A very good educational video. Very hands on.... Detailed footage of window cleaning products and window cleaning techniques combined with health and safety.'' - Unger Global


Window Cleaning Essentials on DVD

'Time is money' as the saying goes. That is very true, especially if you are a self employed window cleaner.

Window Cleaning Essentials is an instructive DVD which demonstrates basic and advanced traditional window cleaning techniques. As well as looking at equipment, technique and dealing with various window types, the video also discusses how to stay motivated, customer rapport and work organisation. The advanced techniques are put to the test to see how much difference it really makes and the results are surprising.
The skills that this informative video teaches you would no doubt pay for the cost of the DVD many times over. If you are new to window cleaning then this DVD will fast track you to greater earnings, teaching you how to increase your speed and work efficiency.
Even if you have years of window cleaning experience we are confident that you will pick up a few helpful points.

Choosing and using a Water Fed Pole System

Choosing and Using a Water Fed Pole System looks at such topics as how the water fed pole system works, how to use a water fed pole effectively on hydrophobic and hydrophillic windows and what to consider when deciding which type of system is best according to your needs.
Peter Fogwill (well known for his patent pending Autobrush) contributes his experience and advice and Alex Hill shares some further practical and useful tips to make this video a wise investment for all water fed pole users. You will find this video particularly helpful if you are wondering which kind of set up would suit your round best. (eg. van mount system, trailer system or trolley system.)

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Window Cleaning Resources was set up and went ‘live’ online in October 2006. Since then the site has rapidly grown in popularity, becoming a central reference point for window cleaners in the UK. The site is regularly visited by tens of thousands of window cleaners each month. Thanks to the support of our site sponsors we intend to continue developing Window Cleaning Resources to act as a catalyst for future growth and development within the window cleaning industry. If you would like to introduce a new product, service or idea to window cleaners, particularly in the UK, then we would glad to be of assistance in providing exposure to your target market.

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