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Welcome to Window Cleaning Resources where you can find a wealth of information related to the window cleaning industry. The information we provide is designed to help new startup companies, small to medium established businesses, and anyone remotely interested in window cleaning, even if you're a homeowner who prefers to do it yourself. Below you will find the three main sections of information on this website, along with links to various articles and resources that will help you find what you're looking for.

Window Cleaning Articles

Building A Domestic Window Cleaning Round - When starting up as a window cleaner, or when developing the work that you have, there are various things that you can do to gain more work. Domestic work is the easiest to develop to begin with. We take a look at the pros and cons of various methods of increasing your round. [READ MORE]

What is a Risk Assessment? - A risk assessment is an evaluation of risks and consequences involved in carrying out a certain task and what controls you will put in place to minimize the risks. You carry out a risk assessment every time you cross the road, pull out at a junction or set up your pole or ladders. Risk assessment is not an option. It is a requirement of the management of health and safety at work regulations 1999. Serious problems can arise if an accident occurs and no risk assessment has been carried out. This is particularly true if you have employees. [READ MORE]

Organising Your Window Cleaning Round - By being organised you can improve your reputation for reliability and professionalism and receive the full potential earnings from your work. Much of your success in being organised and reliable depends on the arrangements and commitments that you make with your customers. Let’s say you have a domestic window cleaning round with the majority of customers being 4 weekly in frequency... [ READ MORE ]

Window cleaning insurance - are you properly covered? - We have some informative articles about window cleaning insurance and recently we managed to interview Steve Aldous the branch manager for A-Plan Insurance at Carteton. Steve gave us some useful insights on taking out insurance for window cleaners and the types of insurance policies available.... [ READ MORE ]

Additional window cleaning tips and advice

Our most popular articles can be found listed on our Articles Index page - and to keep up with further news, advice and tips check out our News page.

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Window Cleaning Resources was set up and went ‘live’ online in October 2006. Since then the site has grown in popularity, becoming a central reference point for window cleaners in the UK. The site is regularly visited by thousands of window cleaners each month. Thanks to the support of our site sponsors we intend to continue developing Window Cleaning Resources to act as a catalyst for future growth and development within the window cleaning industry. If you would like to introduce a new product, service or idea to window cleaners, particularly in the UK, then we would glad to be of assistance in providing exposure to your target market.