Window Cleaning With an Extension Pole

Extension Poles have been somewhat overlooked since the introduction of the recent working at height regulations. Obviously water fed poles are an excellent way to work safely and efficiently. Purchasing a pure water system is certainly a sensible investment.

Some however, have resisted buying such a system on the basis of cost. Working safely though need not be expensive. With practice much of your window cleaning work may be possible to do safely from the ground using a simple extension pole.

Many window cleaners find that when they first start using an extension pole they leave vertical lines of water on the window. Another common problem encountered is water running down from the top edge. We’d like to show you how to avoid these problems.




Mopping with an extension pole

  • Use a locking cone to secure the applicator.
  • Use lots of water outside if doing a large area.
  • Use less water when working inside.
  • Shop windows can get hot with spotlights and the water may dry quickly. If your mop runs dry flip it over as shown.
  • Slightly miss the top edge of the frame when mopping to avoid water runs.
  • Sliding the mop to the left as you reach the top will help you to miss the top edge by just a little.
  • Start on the right and mop to the left.
  • You may find it quicker to applicate only as far down so as to be able to finish the normal way.




Blading with an extension pole

  • Use a locking cone to secure the squeegee.
  • Gather the water away from the top frame in the top left corner of the window with a few short downward strokes.
  • Starting from the left, angle the blade 45 degrees and blade to the right along the whole length of the top edge.
  • Complete the first pass along the top edge by pulling the squeegee down the right hand edge.
  • Working right to left make small arches and curve into the next stroke as you pull down.
  • Make the downward strokes slightly diagonal.
  • (The water runs along the rubber blade leaving a dry edge and hence no vertical line.)
  • For the last downward stroke on the left you will need to start at the top left corner again. Tap the squeegee a couple of times on the window to remove excess water.
  • Complete the downward stroke with the squeegee at a slight angle as shown.




Detailing with an extension pole

  • A simple way of detailing with an extension pole is to wrap a dry cloth around the end of the pole and use it as shown in the picture.
  • Alternatively, clamps are available which fit on the end of the pole. The cloth is folded and put in the clamp.
  • By avoiding soaking the frames with water when during application, you can avoid much detailing.
Drying window edges with cloth

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