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Window Cleaning is quite a simple, easy to manage business which is perhaps why it appeals to you. However, whenever people enter the realms of tax, employment, legal requirements etc. it can be a little daunting. The government websites are very informative and easy to read and you can find out lots of information and advice from them.

If you are starting up you may even be eligible for a grant or interest free loan. This may require that you prepare a business plan, but doing so is a great exercise and will help you to clarify in your own mind what goals you want to set and how you are going to achieve them.

If you have a business account then your local bank will also likely provide business support and give you helpful advice.

Having a business account is a good idea. Although you may pay fees to run the account, if you use it well you will find that it’s a good way to manage your money more efficiently.

Window cleaning is often cash in hand. If the money doesn’t go through the bank then it may be difficult for you to prove your earnings if ever you want a loan or a mortgage. Put all your takings straight into the business account and pay yourself a wage. You may need a cushion of cash in the account to start with but this will help your cash flow and help you develop a good relationship with the bank manager.

The list of resources below are particularly good for getting advice and support as your business develops and grows.

Business and Self-employed (
Princes Trust
Scottish Window Cleaner Licensing
Shell Livewire
Great Business

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