Cutting Squeegee Rubber


Cutting squeegee rubber can be a chew….that is to say if you don’t do it right then you can chew up the end of the rubber and that’s not good. 

Some use a pair of scissors.. but they tend to twist the rubber as they cut it and that can result in an uneven edge.

Some use a razor blade ..  but unless it’s a new  blade it’s probably not as sharp as it should be. Maybe it’s even a bit rusty and pressing it down to cut a rubber blade is not always easy. It’s risky and it can damage surfaces.

Some use gasket shears.. a much better choice, but they tend to be heavy and bulk to carry about with you so you might not have the handy when you need them.

Some buy the rubbers already cut to size but that usually works out more expensive.

Recognize these scenarios?

Then the answer to your problem is the Razorbill Rubber Cutter!


These purpose built rubber cutters give a perfect square cut every time.

Safe to use, they have a locking mechanism to keep the blade secure when not in use.

Always on hand, they are small and light enough to fit in a pocket or pouch.

Made of stainless steel and heavy duty plastic these shears will last you for years and will pay for themselves in time saved and prolonged life of rubbers.



Prolonged life of rubbers?

Yes, usually the first part of the rubber to wear down is the very ends of the rubber.

If you leave 4mm of rubber exposed from of the end of the channel then once it starts to wear down you can trim another 2mm off and still leave 2mm exposed from the channel.

Try doing that with a pair of scissors or a razor blade and you’ll see the difference!

Razorbill Rubber Cutters – a purchase you won’t regret.



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