8 Expert Tips from Unger - How to Scrape

  1. Check if glass is scratch resistant and suitable for scraper use. (It is not recommended to use a scraper on Plexiglass, crown glass, solar glass, safety glass (ESG) etc. Follow the manufacturer's care instructions.
  2. Perform a scrape test in advance on a hidden section.
  3. Before starting work, check the glass for damage and report it if necessary.
  4. The scraper should always be used on a wet surface.
  5. It is best to use with a cleaning agent like a release agent. eg. 'Unger Liquid'.
  6. Always scrape in one direction! Never pull the scraper back - scratch risk!
  7. Apply even pressure holding the blade flat against the glass.
  8. After scraping, check if adhesive or stucco residues are stuck to the blade. If necessary, change or reverse blade.

Unger products

The Unger Ergotec 4” scraper is made from tempered carbon steel. The blade, which is reversible, has a blunt edge for cement removal and a razor edge for scraping paint and tape. The ergonomic grip handle fits onto the Unger locking cone for use with an extension pole.

The Unger Safety Scraper is made of stainless steel. The unique locking system prevents blades from dangerously sliding out as you work. Push the non-slip trigger forward and the retractable blade is ready for use. Pushing the trigger once more allows the blade to be changed.

Unger’s ProTrim 10 scraper comes as a handy pocket sized tool featuring a carbon steel blade embedded inside the scraper and with an internal safety guard. This secures the blade when not in use and prevents a separate protection cap.

Protrim Scraper


Unger Maxi Scraper


Ergo Scraper


Safety Scraper


Unger Pro10 Scraper


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