Pricing window cleaning services

There are various ways of pricing window cleaning work. The two main ways of pricing are:

1. Setting a price per window then counting windows and adding other costs and travel time.
2. Having a target hourly rate in mind and estimating the time required to do the job including travel time.

A combination of the two methods is often used; for example estimating time per window or per section of windows and then adding other costs and travel time.

Your pricing structure is a personal choice. Here are some videos about pricing window cleaning services which you may find helpful.

The typical price for window cleaning services varies according to the area and kind of window cleaning work being carried out. If you are starting out it would be a good idea to get an idea of what others are charging but beware of undercutting other established window cleaners in the area.

When starting up a window cleaning business it’s easy to under-price your service. If you are building a window cleaning round from scratch, the chances are that you will need work and so will be happy to take on whatever jobs that you can find.

After a while, as your business grows, you will likely look at your work again and see that there are some jobs which are underpriced, jobs which are irregular and unreliable, jobs which cost you more than they are worth. As your work increases you will be in a position to refine your work. However it’s good to start as you mean to go on so try to be coherent with your pricing structure from the start.

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