Vans for Lease

Ever considered leasing a van for your business?

As opposed to buying a van, which you would normally pay from your own pocket, or from arranging a bank loan (with added interest of course), leasing a van doesn’t require such a large down payment. Although you will still need a deposit when leasing, it is usually quite small in comparison to the deposit required when you buy a vehicle. The overall cost is also spread out more over the fixed term of a leasing contract, so you usually pay less. Maintenance costs are also generally covered by the leasing company, which you should factor in when comparing leasing to buying.

There are some tax advantages to leasing a van as well. You can claim up to 100% VAT back on the monthly payments if your business is a VAT-registered business. This is subject to the van being used solely for business though. The cost of payments for van rental are also classed as a business expense, so the rental payments are also tax-deductible.

Where can you lease a van?

There are many dealers across the UK who offer van leasing as well as the option to buy. A quick search in Google should help you find one in your area.

One of the leading van rental companies in the UK is the OVL Group Ltd. The website are currently promoting a selection of their vans on a 4 year Contract Hire starting from £151.99 +VAT per month for a Peugeot Partber Standard Diesel 1000 1.5 BlueHDi 100 Professional Van, with a nearside side sliding door and ply lining. Colours are available in Black, Magnetic, Silver or White

Other vans on offer include the larger Peugeot Boxer 2.2 BlueHDi Professional Van for just £209.99 +vat per month.

Prices quoted are based on 9 months initial rental followed by 47 additional rentals over 10000 miles per year, customer-maintained unless otherwise stated.

Orders are subject to an arrangement fee which is currently £199.00 +VAT and excess mileage charges will apply. This offer may be changed or ended soon. To find out more details visit

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