Telescopic Pole Maintenance

Contributed by Gardiner Pole Systems

“The pole is getting very hard to extend and retract - How can I sort this out?”

Sometimes after a short while a new pole can start to be stiff to operate. This is because when they are new the tolerances are tighter on the poles so they are more sensitive to dirt, etc. Sometimes this phase passes after couple of weeks as a little wear eases this situation.

However sometimes a little help is needed:

The first thing to try is to slightly loosen the clamp adjusting nut a couple of clicks. These nuts turn the opposite way to usual.

If this doesn't make enough difference, fully extend the pole and direct a hose jet of water up the pole flushing out any dirt out, spray the jet in and around each clamp as well, then dry the pole off with a cloth and a little non-waxed based household polish. Some people do the above every week as a matter of course. Doing so will prolong the life of the pole as generally dirt and grit are the main wearing agents.

If this isn't enough, the pole can be quickly taken apart and flushed with water. To do this, undo the Allen nut on each clamp and remove the plastic retaining peg, open the lever and slide the clamp off of each section. Spray with a hose, each section fully, paying particular attention the white section guides. Dry it all off and if you wish apply a polish to it. Reassemble.

“My pole has started to slip when in use; the clamps do not seem to hold anymore.
- How can I cure this?”

Your clamps will need constant adjustment during the life of your pole, just a few click turns of the clamp nut will often remedy the situation. Remember that this nut turns the opposite way to usual.

If your clamps have worn too much you will eventually run out of adjustment space. When this happens a simple solution is to replace the offending clamp. Contact us for a replacement, they are relatively cheap and will extend the life of your pole easily.

At a certain point your pole sections will have worn too much for even a replacement clamp to cure. When this happens a replacement pole (or sections thereof) will be the only answer.

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