Websites for window cleaners

Do you have a Website?

These days the internet is often the first place people look when searching for a product or service. Most households now use the internet so it’s definitely worth considering having a website if you do not already have one.

A website need not be overly complicated. A simple, well laid out design is all that you need. There is really no need to spend hundreds of pounds on a flashy, all singing, all dancing website.

Window Cleaning Resources have teamed up with Studio Arts to give window cleaners in the UK the opportunity of having a striking and professional website up and running with minimal cost and hassle.

At only £95 for a mobile friendly 3 page website with 3 months free web hosting, you would have a very difficult job to find a better deal. Have a look at some of the simple designs available under this offer by clicking this SPECIAL OFFER link or the image above.

If you spend money on creating a website you obviously want people to find it. Here are some tips to which should help you build traffic to your website:

Choose a good domain name.

A good domain name will help your site to be found by search engines. Think to yourself what people may type in a search engine like Google if they were looking for a window cleaner in the area that you work. e.g. window cleaner London or similar and use that as your domain name. You can always buy your company name as a domain name too which you can write on stationery etc. and set it up so that it redirects to the other domain name.

Get your site linked to by relevant sites.

Look up search terms people may use if they were looking for you and get your site listed on any internet directories which appear. Some of these directories may offer you a free website link. Links from other window cleaning related sites will help especially if they are inbound only.

Include your website address on all your advertising material.

Make sure you include your website address on your business cards, letterheads, leaflets, vehicle graphics and on the back of your uniform if you have one.


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