Window cleaning awkward angles

Awkward Angles? - No Problem!

Traditional extension poles are an invaluable tool for cleaning windows. With practise they can be used to clean certain windows much faster than by using ‘A’ frame ladders. When cleaning high shop windows for example, using an extension pole covers more area of the glass than using your arm from a ladder, allowing you to wash the window more quickly.

Window cleaning with extension pole and angle adaptor

To clean effectively with an extension pole the rubber blade needs to be against the window at the correct angle so as to create a sharp edge of rubber on glass.

When working in tight spaces or where there are obstacles, this can prove to be difficult - unless you use an angle adaptor.

Angle adaptors allow you to compensate for the angle which you lose in confined spaces such as shown in the picture on the left. There are many situations where angle adaptors comes in handy and the more that you practise using them, the more you will recognise their value. The picture below shows another example where an angle adaptor is used to gain access over obstacles without the need of ladders.

There are many other situations where angle adaptors are useful, for instance when cleaning the inside of conservatory roofs or where access to a window is only possible by using an extension pole from one side of the window. Especially for shop work, angle adaptors are a very handy piece of kit.

Window cleaning at tight angle

Those awkward angles are with easily tackled using an angle adaptor

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