Traditional Window Cleaning Using Extension Poles at Height

In this video Mark Henderson demonstrates how using traditional window cleaning techniques even at heights of up to 10 metres can produce good results in a time comparable to that of using water-fed poles.

For best results we recommend using rigid and light carbon fibre window cleaning poles together with a combination tool such as the Wagtail High Flyer or Moerman Excelerator with the Fliq pad.

With good technique, practice and precision detailing can be kept to a minimum. Considering the time saved dragging hoses, the water saving and the immediate verifiable results, it’s worth investing the time and effort into becoming proficient with these traditional swivel tools although similar results can be obtained by straight pulling using a combination tool like the Unger Vice Versa or Ettore Backflip which do not swivel but have the advantage of holding more solution for when cleaning heavier dirt build up on the windows or on sunny days where the windows are hot and the solution dries quicker.

The obvious disadvantage of this traditional method is that the frames would need to be cleaned separately.

Mark here demonstrates the same job as above this time using the Unger Vice Versa.

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