Using roof ladders to clean your windows

Anyone who owns a house knows what an arduous task window cleaning can be – so they may have heard of very specific equipment called roof ladders. Windows get smudged quickly and need to be cleaned often to keep them looking clear and attractive.

But if you have a window on your roof, it’s a much bigger problem than an ordinary window. Roof windows are particularly difficult to clean, since they are largely inaccessible. Normal ladders just won’t cut it for this one. They are notoriously difficult to reach, but it’s still important to keep them clean, since they are often the only source of light.

So how do you tackle this problem? It’s not actually as difficult as you might imagine. There are ladders for everything these days – and that includes roofs it seems…

Roof Ladders

What are roof ladders?

Roof ladders, also called cat ladders, look like ordinary ladders, but they are used for a very different purpose. They enable you to work on top of your roof without danger, so you have an easy access point to work on.

At first glance, you might think they looked like ordinary extension ladders with built-in security features.

But there is quite a big difference. Whereas extension ladders require a wall to lean on, roof ladders contain hooks and grips at the top end to firmly secure it into the top ridge of a roof. The hooks fit onto most roof ridges to prevent the ladder from slipping down.

They also have wheels at the top ends so you can slide them up roofs without damaging the slates or tiles.

Be forewarned though, you must have a full understanding of the equipment and procedures before using trade equipment like roof ladders.

Lightweight roof ladders are available in a single section or an extendable two-sections. All roof ladders are fitted with bearer bars, non-slip rungs and have box section stiles.

Lightweight, but combining the strength of a trade ladder with a heavy duty ridge hook, these incredibly versatile ladders are fitted with safety catches.

If you are planning to use a roof ladder, be sure to tie the lower end of the roof ladder to a solid object using a rope. Another safety consideration for roof ladders is to check all nuts and bolts.

Always use the right ladder for the job…

There are several reasons why it is important to use the correct ladders for the task at hand. Every year, around 14 people die and 1200 are injured at work by falling from a ladder.

One important consideration when selecting a ladder is the duty rating – ranging from extra heavy-duty industrial use to light-duty commercial use.

It is important to know the differences between ladders in order to make an informed decision on which to use.

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