Wagtail High Flyer Review

In the video above Christopher Dawber, alias ‘Wagga’ shares his thoughts and observations of the latest product in the Wagtail window cleaning tools range.

Experienced window cleaner Julian Pierce shares his thoughts and review in the video below.

Wagtail swivel tools have made working with extension poles at height an efficient and effective method as an alternative to using water-fed poles. In some cases it is arguably quicker and with practice the results are similar to using traditional window cleaning tools by hand at ground level.

The advantage of this combination tool is that you don’t need to lower the pole to swap the applicator for the squeegee. This saves time and improves results as the solution doesn’t have time to dry on the windows. A quick flip is all that is needed between soaping up and blading off.

The High Flyer boasts various new features difficult to find on other tools such as the double swivel motion and the improved flipping mechanism. Another improvement is that the scrub pad has more cleaning surface area than previous versions of Wagtail combination tools such as the Flipper where the scrub pad surface area amounted to the part pressed against the rubber blade.

The consensus is that this is the tool of choice in the Wagtail range for working at height with an extension pole.

Of course it still works great as a hand tool!

YouTuber ‘Fluff Daddy’ here shows how to ‘Wag’ here in this video…

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