Unger ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee Review

in the video below Ashley owner of A.E. Mackintosh Cleaning Services shares his thoughts and reviews the popular Unger Ninja squeegee.

Often squeegee rubbers are held in place by the teeth which grip the rubber at the centre on the rubber where the handle clips onto the channel. The rigid wide bodied channel made from extruded aircraft aluminium has unique patented clips which hold the rubber in place at the extremities of the rubber which gives the rubber a steady even tension even on the longer versions of the channel.

Rubber replacement is a breeze and there are two settings the rubber can be placed depending on how much ‘tongue’ is required for flexibility. This sturdy squeegee is a popular choice for straight pulling with an extension pole. When working on higher windows the more flexible front position is more forgiving whereas the lower setting of the rubber is more suited to working on lower windows by hand.

Another positive review here for the Unger ErgoTec Ninja squeegee from Anthony.

As the name suggests this squeegee is very ergonomic with a nice balance and sure feel about it. The Ninja handle is available with either 30 or 40 degree inclination and the channels are available in various lengths from 8″ (20cm) to 42″ (105 cm).

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